Our Last Freaky Friday

   It's our last Freaky Friday for 2016 (sad face)!  We have had so much fun with our FUN friends bringing fabulous $1 deals to you.
   For our last $1 deal we are giving our 3-5 friends a shout out.  (If you know a 3-5 teacher, let them know about this!)  This week we have a special November celebration product.

   Susan has a good friend that was a long term sub in 5th grade one year.  She needed help getting the kids ready for the state Social Studies test.  So Susan stepped up and made several Social Studies units for her.  Veterans Day is one of them. (You can see the others here.)  There are 15 units so far!
   This resource is automatically differentiated for you! There are several levels of worksheets for you to choose from plus interactive activities. You can see all the pages included by clicking on the preview or click here and then click "preview".  Below is one example of a FUN word search  for vocabulary.
   This is an example of one of the writing activities.
There is a student version of the informational reader to use for finding information for the different activities.
Students are asked to read carefully for details. 
Here is a page from the informational "teacher" read aloud. Use this to build background knowledge.

There's more! Interactive vocabulary activities!
   Susan's friend said the kids loved the units and they all passed the test!

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