Saturday, March 28, 2015

Winner of Dig into Digraphs Bundle!!

Hear ye, hear ye....
Announcing the winner of the Dig into Digraphs Bundle!!

Congratulations! If any of you missed it, here is another glimpse into one (yes, just ONE) of the activities you are missing out on! Click on the picture to get 20% off the bundle.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dig Into Digraphs ~ The Bundle!

Do you teach digraphs to your kiddos?  If you do, you NEED this huge bundle of digraph resources to help your students learn digraphs. This bundle will be on sale for 50% off for 24 hours! That means only $15.00! Click on any of the pictures below to see the product in our store.
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It has everything, from small group work to games to centers. Games make great small group activities and give you the chance to do formative assessments as you monitor and guide the children during the game!



Find the hidden word pages make great centers.  Before laminating the picture, cut off the bottom  recording sheet.  You can copy two recording sheets per 8.5x11 sheet of paper to put at the center with the laminated picture and a few magnifying glasses.  Kids LOVE using the magnifying glasses to play "word detectives."

Assessments  and/or interactive components:

Include this page in an interactive notebook or use as an assessment.

This huge bundle of resources was created in collaboration with  Teacher's Toolkit, The Fun Factory, and Practice Makes Perfect.  We put our over 80 years (gasp) of combined experience together to come up with activities that will engage, excite, and challenge your students.  Take a closer look in the video below!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Having Fun With the Alphabet Chart

The giant alphabet chart is a big hit in our classroom.

  • First we read the chart, pointing to each letter and picture.

  • Then we fill in the letters on our own blank chart.

  • Next we add the pictures, making sure we get them in the right order by using an alphabet arc!
  • We end up with our own original alphabet charts!
Do you use alphabet charts in YOUR classroom? If so, please share so we can all have new ideas!
Thanks and have FUN!!

Rafflecopter Winner!

Congratulations to Charme' McCabe! You won the rafflecopter! We will email you the PK/K Fairy Tale Bundle (which is what you said you would like). Enjoy and if you have any problems or questions, email us at