Educents GRAND OPENING Marketplace

Hello FUN Followers!
   I'm sure if you are an educator, you have heard of Educents and their great deals. Well, they are now opening their Marketplace and we are excited to be part of it!  They offer great deals for resources for your classroom on a daily basis and now you can purchase items from sellers' stores! There are over 500 stores and it is just the beginning.
   As part of the "GRAND OPENING" (so to speak), several of the sellers are joining together to give you a "sneak peek" at free products as well as having a "giveaway" for $50.00 worth of  credits toward Educents products. $50 will go a L O N G way towards materials!! There are multiple ways to enter.

   We would like to give you a little glimpse of our FREEBIE. It is our April 2015 PK/K Homework Calendar. We will post our calendars for every month of the school year so you will need to check back each month to get your free calendar.
   These calendars provide more meaningful “homework” for your PK or Kindergarten students. Students and their families will have fun doing activities such as:

  • Practice recycling household items together 
  • Talk about animals that have the same properties – 4 or 2 legs, fur, feathers, etc.
  • Cut pictures from magazines  that show zoo animalsompare two different size bath towels.  Determine which towel will cover more area.

   There is an activity for every weekday.  (Does not include weekends or holidays.) click on the picture to go to The Fun Factory on Educents to get your free calendar.

 Did you notice we are having a 25% off grand opening sale?  Sale prices will be good through April 12th!!!!!!

After checking out our Educents store (and of course our FREEBIE CALENDAR), check out some of the other stores. Be sure to enter your chance to win the  $50 credits!!

   Good luck and thanks for checking it out!

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