Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fairy Tales + FREEBIE!

We love fairy tales! I mean, we LOVE fairy tales!!
     In the last few years, the teaching of fairy tales and nursery rhymes in the public school systems went by the wayside. However, current research is urging teachers to bring them back into the curriculum. Experts agree that nursery rhymes are great for teaching rhyme, rhythm and repetition. Fairy tales teach story elements such as setting, characters, problem-solution and beginning, middle and end (to name a few).
     We use fairy tales with PreKindergarten all the way through third grades. We use fairy tales to teach reading comprehension, math and almost every skill you can think of!   Enjoy the freebie which we have used for first, second and third grade students. (Click here.) There is much more to this freebie if you check out our TPT store. Enjoy and have may you live happily ever after!


Monday, October 6, 2014

More Math Storytelling FUN!!

Hello Everyone!
   We are continuing to have FUN with math! Last week the kiddos were "Five Little Pumpkins" and this week they are having FUN pretending to be the leaves falling off the tree and blowing around. All sorts of problems were posed. After whole group instruction where we acted out problems, we moved into our small group instruction where I could use the problem-solving mats and address each group at their level of instruction.
   As you can see from the picture, this child was ready to write the math sentence.  (I only have one picture to share because my camera battery died.) Other children just made up stories and counted to check their answers and another group made up their stories and I wrote the sentences for them.
   At the end of the week, this will be placed in the Math Center for children to complete independently. The pumpkin problem-solving mats are there now from last week.
   If you missed it, click here for your FREE sample of these storytelling necklaces. The sample is actually of the leaves which we started today.
   Enjoy and see you soon!!

If you are interested in the bundle, click here. I can promise your little ones will have LOTS of FUN!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We're Back!!

Hello Fun Followers!
   Believe it or not, we are back. With the beginning of school and a huge project to finish, the blog was put on the sidelines.
   It's October. Time for lots of FUN activities in the classroom. The kiddos had FUN today with our math"pumpkin necklaces" (except they decided to use them as masks!) We did the Five Little Pumpkins and the 1st picture shows my 5 "pumpkins". The 2nd picture shows 1 little "pumpkin" who "rolled away" and left 4 "pumpkins". The 3rd picture shows 2 "pumpkins" who "rolled away" and left 3 "pumpkins".
   This lesson will continue all week and we will be adding and subtracting "pumpkins" in every way possible. Do I need to tell you they had FUN??!!
   Click here to get a FREE set of our Fall Storytelling Necklaces. If you are interested in the bundle, click here. I can promise your little ones will have LOTS of FUN!!
    Now, I promise not to "roll out of sight" again for awhile. Stay tuned for more FUN from the little ones!