Two For Tuesday With The Teaching Tribune

We are joining in with our friends again this week for Two For Tuesday.
Our offerings this week are 2 sight word units.
It is important for young readers to instantly recognize words by sight in order to build reading fluency. It is also important for readers to practice words in meaningful context through phrase and sentence reading practice.

If you are looking for a way to involve and motivate students to learn their sight words, this bundle is for you! My students BEG to play these games and just recently, they ALL passed their sight word test which they have to pass in our district for promotion standards!!!!!!!!

The activities are designed to be used whole group, small group and then placed as center (workstation) independent activities.

Students shuffle the cards and dealer gives each person five cards. (In my experience, the game is more successful with only 2 players at a time and is easier for them to manage no more than 5 cards at a time.)
Just as in the game “Go Fish”, the 1st student asks if the other player has one of the words in their hand. The student says the word and then spells it. The second player repeats the word and also spells it. If they have the card, they give it to the asker. If not, after saying and spelling the word, they say, “Go Hunting”.

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  1. Sight Words are so important. Love the sight word game.
    Kristy from Teaching Times 2

  2. Thanks so much, Kristy! The kids loved it too.