Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two For Tuesday Link Up With The Teaching Tribune

Hi Everyone!  We are so excited to link up with The Teaching Tribune for Two For Tuesday where everyone is offering 50% off of two of their products!
The Fun Factory has these two room decor bundles for you.  Both products contain the following:
• Monthly calendar labels
• Number identification cards 1-10
• Classroom helper cards
• Alphabetical word wall label cards
• Color identification cards
• Desk name plates
• Individual name tags
• Class schedule cards
• Shape identification cards
• Individual Behavior Reward Charts
• Weather wheel and graph
• Birthday cupcake cards
• Room Signs Pack
• Labels Pack
• ABC Cards
• Behavior Management System

Click on the pictures above to see the products.

Thank The Teaching Tribune for this great linky!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Beginning of School For PK

The beginning of school for our youngest learners is filled with lots of new experiences.  Some of the things we learn are to listen, to cut, to clean up after ourselves and to be kind to our friends.   All of these things will help them to be successful throughout their educational journey.

We have  teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you! Loaded with great products to work with your kids the years before kindergarten!  

Listening is such an important skill to develop.  Not only listening to directions, but listening to sounds in words.  What sound comes first?  What sound comes last?  How many parts do you hear in this word?

Let these Little Monsters  help your students have fun working with: 

Initial sounds - Students then say the names of the picture cards and place them on the mat that has the same beginning sound. This is not a sound symbol correlation activity. Students do not identify the letters that go with the beginning sounds, only match the pictures that have the same beginning sounds. There are 2 sets of picture cards, one set has a color coded border on each card to scaffold learning.

Syllables - In small group ask the students to move the marker as they say the word parts. In a literacy center, students say the words and cover the box with the appropriate number of syllables with a marker.

Rhyming - Students then match the rhyming picture cards in a pocket chart .

All activities are based on listening for sounds in words using picture cards. After introducing the concepts and the materials, these activities can be easily used by the children for independent practice.


Without well-developed fine motor skills, a child may have difficulty learning to write. Use these cutting practice sheets and play dough mat activities to help your young students have fun while they develop those important fine motor skills.

This product contains the following activities to accommodate fine motor development:
• 10 cutting practice sheets containing straight, slanted, angled and curved lines. The practice sheets are formatted in color on a whole page, or half page (to conserve ink while printing), and the same formats in black and white.
• 9 play dough mats that contain scenes from favorite fairy tales and nursery rhymes that need to be completed with play dough. For example, “Give Humpty Dumpty 2 eyes.” Or “Make a moon for the cow to jump over.” Playing with play dough builds up strength in all the hand muscles which makes them ready for pencil control later on.
• 8 four piece puzzles that are pictures from the fairy tales and nursery rhymes used for cutting practice and play dough mats. Playing with puzzles promotes fine motor development as well as problem solving skills.

For a limited time it is $9.99 from Educents which is about 64% off!  Six products for early literacy, math, and science with over 250 pages of materials ready for you to use!  

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Water Cycle With a Freebie!

Below is a blog post  I did as a guest blogger for Hameray Publishing Company. They really have great books! Enjoy the freebie.
Part of our Spring Unit involves studying the water cycle. We read books, sing songs, act out the cycle and do finger plays. A great book to read is The Water Cycle by Alan Trussell-Cullen. This book is part of the Real World Series from Hameray Publishing Group and has great illustrations, photos and information. My young learners love this book even though they are non-readers! The book has a great Table of Contents. I used it as a teaching tool to teach the kids what a table of contents is and what purpose it serves.
This book could be used to teach multiple skills for older children. Not only i it good for information and research, vocabulary is bolded and defined in a glossary! To top all of that, there is an index too. If I ever teach second grade again, this book will be one of the first to go into my library!
Even though I don’t have any pictures to share today, I do have a freebie to share. This can be used with PreK-2nd grade! Younger children sequence the water cycle by the picture cards. This is a great listening comprehension assessment. Older children can use the cards and then fill out the response sheet. This is a great reading comprehension assessment!

 Click here to get your freebie! Check out our store for the entire Water Cycle product!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crazy Eights!

Are you ready for a summer full of relaxation and rejuvenation?
How about some fun and games?
Well we've teamed up with some fabulous friend, who also happen to be amazing bloggers, for

We know that right now you're probably not even thinking about next school year and dreaming of the leisurely days of summer, but we know that in a blink of an eye summer will be over.
So we wanted to add some fun and excitement to this summer.

Follow along with us for giveaways, contests and FREEBIES!
There will be something new every week and a ton of fun along the way.
If you "play your cards right" you just might be a winner.

Today kicks off all of the fun with a game of Crazy 8s!
Checkout our Facebook page (click on the picture above) for 8 people to win $8 worth of products from our store.  Winners announced tonight at 8:00 pm!
Be sure to get in on all the fun while you can, because once it's back to school time, it'll be "game over".

So, what do you think...are you game?