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To help you sail through Spring we have linked up with some of our favorite bloggy friends to offer tips and products that will make your planning easier.  To make it even better on February 27th and 28th  TpT is having a site wide sale and all products will be on sale.  Use the promo code TPT3 when you check out to get an additional 10% discount.

Our tip is rest!  If you get a Spring or Easter break, try not to do any school work or spend your days off doing extra errands.  Try to relax and have fun so you can SAIL THROUGH SPRING!

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I'm Tired! When is Spring Break?

Hello FUN Followers!
   Valentine's Day is over. President's Day is over. Snow days might be over. Are you ready for Spring Break? Well, I know I am!! 
   How do we stay motivated? How do we keep the kiddos motivated? I am re-posting something that was written before. This is a reminder for myself and maybe will help you too. A little boost to help make it to Spring Break and beyond!  Well, here is what I have learned...
   Children are naturally motivated - they just may not be motivated to do what we want them to do! What motivates children?
  Learning new things that they think are interesting (not what we think is interesting!). Playing - children learn through play. Our challenge as educators is to make learning fun (there's that word again) - not work. So good teachers are playful! They enjoy their children, have fun with them and teach at the same time.
 The litmus test- if we think the children are not doing their "work" - then maybe we need to rethink what we are expecting them to do. Our goal may be that they will excel, but that is not their goal. If we lay down the foundation that learning is fun and interesting, then as they mature, they will continue to want to keep on learning because they are curious about things.
  It is so hard these days when we have so much pressure because of standardized tests. HOW do we have fun and make sure the children learn what they need at the same time? Well, let me say that it is possible. Sing to learn, play games to learn, make learning those facts FUN
  Visit http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/The-Fun-Factory for games etc. to help make learning FUN. Stay tuned for ideas on how to make learning fun and how to keep our motivation until May!
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