Looking for a Laminator?

   If you have been wondering whether or not to purchase your own laminator for your small projects, I have one for you! I had the opportunity to try one out from  My Binding Inc . It is soooooo nice! It heats up quickly and you don't have to use those sleeves. Just put your item in the pouch and run it through! Take a look at the pictures to see some of the things I laminated in just a very few minutes.
   The thing I love most about this laminator is that I am able to cut out small pieces and they don't come loose. With my last laminator, I could only laminate full pages because if you cut out small pieces, the laminating would peel off.  Not with this one!
    Here is their website http://www.mybinding.com . They also have a blog address for articles, binding supplies and equipment http://blog.mybinding.com . I don't know anything else about the company. However, I HIGHLY recommend their laminator and film!!!
   Isn't it nice to have a personal recommendation for something before you invest???!!! Who knew laminating could be so much FUN?
   BTW....grab your free copy of the Community Helpers Posters shown in the picture below. Just click on the picture1


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Which laminator is the one you used?


    Mindful Rambles

  2. Hi Rae,
    I have the Fellows Saturn 2 125. I truly DO love it! I laminate almost every single day!!!